Hyper Flow Intake

Arma carbon fiber intake with our unique airflow guide design and carbon airbox isolating hot air from engine bay provides maximum cold air into the engine. Brake through carbon manufacturing process and harmonious integration into the engine bay contributes to Arma carbon fiber intake’s increased visual appeal.

Patented Variable Intake

There are two types of Arma carbon fiber intake, non-variable and variable intake. Non-variable intake: Arma carbon fiber intake with flow filter Variable intake: Arma carbon fiber intake with stainless steel valvetronic filter. Variable intake consists of a metal filter with a built-in variable valve. It is an exclusive Arma design patented in Germany. main purpuse is to recover the loss of torque at low rpm common to aftermarket filters. Easy to maintain and replacement not necessary.

Innovative plug and play control system

After connecting Arma ECV to the car via the OBDII port, opening of the valve can be set at desired engine rpm via remote control.

Optional Wifi APP control available.